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Search and compare cheap flights to Hong Kong from the UK and save money flying to Hong Kong in business class. Book cheap flights to Hong Kong in first class, business class and economy and get the best value flight deals at FlightstoHongKong.Travel. Our Business Class flights to Hong Kong are backed up by our Best Price Guarantee where if you find an identical flight to Hong Kong cheaper elsewhere we will beat the price!

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Business Class Flights

London Heathrow CA HKG from £1660
Manchester LH HKG from £1728
London Gatwick TK HKG from £1760
Manchester AY HKG from £1773
London Heathrow LX HKG from £1796
London Heathrow KL HKG from £1807
Birmingham AF HKG from £1843
Manchester CZ HKG from £2101
London Heathrow SU HKG from £2259
Manchester QR HKG from £2304
London Heathrow EY HKG from £2516
London Heathrow BI HKG from £2739
London Heathrow VS HKG from £2773
London Gatwick CX HKG from £2831
London Heathrow EK HKG from £2892
London Heathrow BA HKG from £3004

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